Monday, July 12, 2010

We are finally Open!!! Come and visit us soon!


As of Winter Solstice on 21st of June, we opened our doors on that Longest Night, as a welcome to the new year, and our new journey in the business. We had a lovely evening of live music from local friends Hemlock (thankyou Penny, Gerard, Robyn, and Paul), with delicious food provided by Brendan, and Michael, wines donated by Winsor, Cygnet Art Hotel, and friends, and mulled wine that is to be remembered. Thankyou to the scores of friends and visitors who came to the launch the gallery, and thankyou to everyone who helped get us to that 'ready' stage... Marion, Debbie, Beate, Michael, and everyone else... you know who you are.

The opening went off a treat!, lovely weather, lovely people, Great art, and all that.

Thankyou especially to all the artists who got their art to us on such short notice. The gallery is full of unique and wonderful art, just as we dreamed it. Thankyou, Kaye, Steph, Claire, Debbie & Michael, Michelle, Beate, Marion, Eirlysa, Tina, Carol, Ed, Brendan, Susan and me... Michelle also.

Thankyou also to Claire Needham, contributing Cobweb Artist and photographer for the evening.... check out her website

It was a definately a night for family... for heart and hearth, and for us, the Cobweb Girls, that is what Solstice is all about... we were very lucky to have so many loved ones with us including my brother Brendan, visiting from Afghanistan.


To welcome the world to Cobweb Designs, Susan spoke of the Solstice and the significance of opening on such a night, us being a 'night' gallery, where the work speaks of the depth of colour and life's experiences, and the cycles we are all subject to and in awe of. How the solstice, being the longest night of the solar year, brings people into their artistic self, and close to their families, by the warmth of the winter fires, and warm cuppa's. Stories are shared, ideas are made, and dreams are awaken, which in all, is a perfect time to make wonderful art, which is what Cobweb Designs is all about. Susan also introduced the guests to all the artists whose work features in the Gallery. With a toast to the 'new year' and to friends and family, and the wonder of creation, we said:

 Welcome To Cobweb Designs Cygnet, a place of Art, Jewellery, and the Esoteric.